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We buy defect Ink Jet Cartridges with print head

empty Kyocera Toner cartridges buy and sell

We buy defect Ink Jet Cartridges with print head!

By optimizing our editing process, we are able to high-quality prepare and separate each component consisting of plastics, metal and sponges. Because of the improved processing, we are now able to purchase defective (housing or electronics defective), non-refillable, production committee and overlaid ink cartridges with print head.

Through our process large amounts of resources are recovered and not lost through the thermal disposal.
Especially the plastic from HP and Canon ink cartridges with print head are in demand in the recycling industry a lot. This gives us the opportunity to offer various pricing models.

By selling your non-reusable ink cartridges to Cartridge-Space GmbH you will reduce your disposal costs as well as yours processing costs incurred in the empties collection and the refill of ink cartridges by faulty.

We can offer the following purchase prices:


Purchase prices:

For shipments consisting solely of ink cartridges with print head we pay:

      - pallets delivered to our warehouse 100 € / ton

      - pallets collected by Cartridge-Space GmbH 0 € / ton
        (the pallet(s) (eurosize) have to be at least 2 m high)



If our requirements are not fulfilled, we will have to charge a disposal fee of 1.50 € per kg.

For any further question don´t hesitate to contact us.

contact: Mr. Greiner (manager) phone: +49 (0) 36733 231 16